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In Cyprus today, the use of earth in the form of the traditional adobes, is used almost exclusively in the restoration of monuments and other traditional buildings. However earth as a sustainable, environmentally responsible building material is starting to gain in significance. Conservation of resources and environmentally sound construction methods are playing an important role in indicating new approaches in contemporary architecture, but people are still unaware of the advantages of building with earth. Cypriot researchers have been studying the traditional Cypriot adobe for the past few years through a series of investigation programs sponsored by the University of Cyprus and the Research Promotion Foundation. Samples of Cypriot adobes from monuments and traditional buildings are being tested as to indicate their properties and details from the soils selection, fabrication and curing process. Samples of adobes from contemporary manufacturers have also been tested and documented as to indicate their physico- mechanical properties but also the physico- chemical properties of the soils used today for the fabrication of the contemporary adobes almost exclusively used in restoration. Maria Costi de Castrillo (director of Between the Lines)  is a research Assistant / PhD Candidate and a member of the research team of the UCY investigating earthen and local building material both in vernacular Cypriot architecture but also for their use in contemporary environmentally friendly architecture.

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