Earth Building Workshop 2012

From the 10th to the 14th of December 2012, the educational foundation Between the Lines. An Office of Urban Architecture ltd., is organizing a seminar which is approved and subsidized by the Cypriot Human Resources Development Authority. Title of the seminar is “Earth as a construction material: Methods and Techniques.” The purpose of the seminar is to identify the properties and characteristics of different soils, depending on their composition. The soils will be characterized following both on site testing methods and laboratory procedures. Improvement of soil properties will also be a part of the training process for the amelioration of its characteristics when used as a building material, with the use of additives such as sand, lime, straw etc. Trainees will have the opportunity to learn various techniques, processes, methods and "recipes" for the production of improved adobes (mud brick). Participants will also be able to see the process of laboratory testing of adobes as to determine their physicochemical and mechanical properties. Participants can be from the field of construction: builders, contractors, architects, civil engineers.

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